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Courgette Latkes Makes around 8 quite large latkes

Latkes are a Jewish Ashkenazi recipe, traditionally made from grated onion & potato and eaten on the festival of Channukah. I have introduced more middle eastern flavours here.


2 large white potatoes, peeled & grated

1/2 onion, grated

2 courgettes (zucchini), grated

2 tsp flour

1 tsp salt

1 egg, beaten

1 tsp cumin

1/8 tsp black pepper

Sunflower oil for shallow frying


  • Get a large tray & place a layer of kitchen paper onto it. Set aside.

  • Put the potato, courgette and onion into a sieve and hang this over a large bowl.

  • With your hands, push down on the mixture, squeezing out as much water as possible.

  • Discard the water and put the mixture into the bowl.

  • Add the flour, egg, salt, cumin & black pepper. Stir really well.

  • Heat 1/2 cup oil in a large frying pan. Put a tiny blob of the mixture into the pan when the oil is cold. When it starts to sizzle, the oil is ready. 

  • Take a large spoonful of mixture and put it into the oil, pressing down with the back of the spoon, so that it looks flat. Fit in as many latkes into the pan as you can, making sure you leave space to turn them! You may have to do them in a couple of batches, depending on the size of your frying pan. Once you can see that the underside has browned nicely (about 4 mins), use a spatula to turn the latkes over.

  • Once both sides are nicely browned, use a spatula to remove them from the pan. Place them carefully on the kitchen paper and let the oil drain out of them a bit.

  • Cook the rest of the latkes if need be.

  • These are best eaten immediately but if this isn't possible, remove the kitchen paper and put them in a hot oven for 5 mins to crisp up before you eat them .


This picture shows regular potato latkes on top and courgette latkes on the bottom
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