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I have a love-hate relationship with my freezer because I often forget what is in it. Every time I put leftovers in it, they are still there 6 months later! This is why I don't tend to batch cook.

However, there are some staples that I keep in there. I haven't included the obvious ones such as bread, milk & meat.

Petit Pois



Chopped Spinach

Mixed casserole vegetables

Dairy free cream

Herbs- if you have fresh herbs that are near to expiry, put them in the freezer & use them when you need them

Curry leaves




Cut up banana that is too ripe to eat but perfect for smoothies

Little bags with leftover red wine/white wine ( a brilliant trick learnt from Nigella Lawson. Perfect for when you just want to add a glass to bolognese/stew/casserole)

Breadcrumbs-any time you have stale bread, don't throw it away, blitz it and store in the freezer

Home made crumble mixture- make a double batch of topping next time you make a crumble, so that you can always make a quick dessert

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