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Green Shakshuka serves 1

Feel free to use up any green that you like. be creative as this is not really a recipe to stick to! This is my favourite breakfast ever as it's so simple, yet filling and nutritious. My only tip is that you buy the very best eggs you can afford. My egg of choice is  a Burford Brown from Clarence Court. They are sold in Waitrose and on Ocado in the UK. 


2 large free range/organic eggs

2 handfuls of kale/cavolo nero( take out the stalks)

1 courgette, diced

1 spring onion, diced

Rapeseed oil

Sea Salt

Urfa Chiili/Aleppo Pepper/Chilli flakes


  • Heat the oil in a skillet/frying pan.

  • Add whatever veg you are using and stir till softening for a few mins.

  • Carefully break the eggs into the middle and turn the heat onto low. Cover the eggs with a pan lid if you don't eat the white to be too runny. Do this for a few mins as they steam quickly.

  • Turn off the heat when the eggs are to your liking and sprinkle with chilli and sea salt.

  • Eat out of the pan, ensuring you have some crusty bread to dip into it!

Fridge forage hash of grated celeriac an
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