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I always have a well-stocked storecupboard. It is excellent for when you need to bulk up a meal or when you simply have nothing in the fridge. These are what my family likes but experiment with what you like. The selection in your local supermarket, corner shop and speciality food shop is endless! I am always on the lookout for new and interesting things but these are my essentials. I tend to have 2-3 cans of each and replenish as necessary.

For Indian/Middle Eastern:

Butter Beans

Cannellini Beans

Brown Lentils

Black-eyed beans

Kidney Beans


Coconut Milk- full fat and light

Chopped tomatoes

Garlic Paste

Red Lentils

Brown/Puy lentils

Rice -see below

Ptitim/Maftoul- large couscous, sometimes known as Israeli Couscous

For Asian:

Sesame Oil

Dark Soy Sauce

Light Soy Sauce

Tamari Soy Sauce -this is Gluten Free

Black & White Sesame Seeds

Runny honey

For Soups:

Osem chicken soup powder (use as stock)

Various types of pasta

Rice- Basmati for Indian, Arborio for Italian, Sushi for Japanese, Wholwheat for healthier dishes

Pearl Barley

Pinhead Barley



Red Lentils


Sesame oil

Sunflower Oil

Vegetable oil- which is nearly always Rapeseed

Olive oil

A really good quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil for salads (not to be used in cooking)

(Oliveology is a great store for amazing infused oils. It's in Borough Market & online)

For speedy desserts:

Tinned apples

Tinned Pears

Tinned Peaches




Vanilla extract

Vanilla pods

Vanilla Bean paste


Various types of flour

Bicarbonate of Soda

Baking Powder

Golden Syrup

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